How to Increase the Speed of Your WordPress Website for Business

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Speed of your website is critical to driving sales if you own an eCommerce business. People invest in optimising their websites with the services of web developers and SEO experts. At the same time, small businesses or bloggers don’t have the luxury to avail their services. 

The important factor to remember while trying to speed up your website is the use of the right tools. They are helpful to people who don’t have time or expertise to dive deep into the manual methods. Once the concept is clear, WordPress will seem like an easy platform to optimise your website for the best SEO practices.

Why is Speed of Your Website Important?

You should understand the importance of website speed before investing time, money, and effort in it. Most of the users will exit the window if the website takes more than 2 to 5 seconds to load. They don’t want to waste their time on the slow loading speed in the 5G world.

Furthermore, your search engine ranking will take a hit if the crawlers take too much time to analyse the web pages. User experience and search engine ranking are two of the most important factors driving online business sales. Therefore, you should invest in optimising the speed of your website even if it requires short-term loans for the unemployed.

Tips to Increase the Speed of Your WordPress Website

You don’t need the services of web developers to create and manage your website on WordPress. It is a platform for regular people to share their opinion, sell products and services, and stay connected to the world. Here are some tips to increase the speed of your WordPress site with the right tools and strategies.

  • Buy High-Performance Hosting Service

Hosting services provide storage space to keep your data available to visitors. You can manage the database and store the different content of your website on these platforms. There are multiple options available, but you should always trust high-performance hosting services.

They will provide enough storage to manage the growing demand of your business. Moreover, the increase in traffic will not make your website struggle because of the heavy demand for limited bandwidth. They are more reliable and secure than the cheap alternatives to improve the performance of your website.

  • Do Not Rely on Free DNS

People often underestimate the importance of a Domain Name System (DNS) while trying to run an online business. It directs traffic to your website after the request from the user with the domain name in their address bar. The free DNS will fulfil the purpose, but they take more time to direct traffic.

You may find the free DNS slower, up to 33%, than the premium service provider. You can rely on free service providers such as Cloudflare, but the downtime will become an issue. For faster, reliable, and safer operations, you should invest in a premium DNS service.

  • Select the Right Theme

WordPress offers thousands of themes to its users for their content and business type. You can use them for free or pay for them to add visual appeal to your website. However, these themes offer a different load time based on the features, source code, and content on their page. 

You must use a lightweight theme with only the required features to build your website. Or, the theme should offer the option to disable the features not in use to increase the load time. You can use the speed test to find the load time of each theme before investing in them.

  • Cache Is Important

Your website speed can increase significantly with the simple use of cache. The loading time increase because the users have to download every content on the page. Caching allows the system to store some of the content and information in the memory for faster access in the future. 

Thus, the speed and performance of your site will increase if the users have already visited your site. Some WordPress plugins allow the use of existing caches to load similar content on your site faster. Therefore, the first-time users will enjoy a better performance because of their browsing history and cache memory.

  • Optimise the Images

The high-quality images with exceptional pixel density sure look good on your display. But they take more time to load on the devices to make the speed of your website look slow. The simple solution here is to optimise the images before uploading them on the site.

Numerous tools are available to change the shape, size, and resolutions of your images in an instant. The quality will remain high with the right amount of alteration. Furthermore, image optimisation will help your SEO campaign with changes to name, alt tag, and the number of images.

  • Mobile-Friendly Websites

You don’t need a few lines to explain the popularity of smartphones and the ever-growing amount of traffic from those devices. A mobile-friendly website is a must-have for modern businesses. You will lose a huge amount of sales with a website build for laptops and computers.

Furthermore, the social media marketing strategies will offer heavy returns only if the target mobile users. 98% of Facebook users use some type of mobile to access their accounts. Therefore, buy a theme that offers a mobile view and make changes to improve the experience of mobile users.

  • Use Content Delivery Network

Content Delivery Network is the additional support to your host that will store static content of your site. It will help boost the site speed with reduced stress on the existing bandwidth. Furthermore, you will get access to DDoS protection and analytics to give more value to the investment.


To sum up, the speed of your website depends on various factors that include host, design, and content. You need to target each aspect to find the best strategy to increase the overall performance. Remember, site speed will have a direct impact on the conversion and retention rate of your online business. 

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In this blog, a few tips are mentioned for the eCommerce site owners or bloggers to help increase their WordPress website speed without web developers’ expensive tools or services.

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