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6 Ways to Fix YouTube Comments Not Loading

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YouTube is the biggest and has the biggest database of videos and music. It may have evolved, but users still encounter issues and bugs occasionally, which leave them scratching their heads. YouTube comments not loading is a common issue that makes content creators as well as viewers worried.

You will learn six ways to help resolve the YouTube comment loading issue in this blog post.

As you can see, aside from the few obvious steps such as restarting your browser, opening a different video, and reloading the page, we have kept our guide focused on solutions that are helpful and often overlooked by the majority while trying to resolve any of these website-related issues.

Try Using a Different Web Browser

You might be using Google Chrome as your default web browser, and due to it being based on the Chromium engine, the same has been known to cause unexpected glitches and problems. Using a different web browser to access YouTube and check the comments section on any video we are going to try to resolve the YouTube comments not loading issue will be our first step in trying to resolve the problem.

For this experiment, we recommend using Safari, Opera, or Mozilla Firefox. Install the apps from their official websites or app stores if you don’t already have them on your device. Browse YouTube and see what comments there are for any video you find.

According to the comments under the video, your default browser was the root cause, so you’ll need to report this bug to the official support community and then wait for a new update or temporarily switch to another browser.

Change Comments Sorting

This method is going to be really useful for you if your comments are not loading but your comments section is loading and constantly showing you a rotating circle animation.

It’s easy to follow, and it’s simple to understand. If you look and confirm whether the drop-down box is visible on the YouTube video page, that is all you need to do. Afterward, if you are able to see it, please follow the steps below:

  1. Find and click on the “Sort By” option.
  2. Click the “Newest first” button.

By doing this, you will see the latest comments on the video as well as your own if your comment wasn’t displayed initially.

As you might know, the option that shows the newest comments first will show you all the comments that have been liked the most.

Access the YouTube Comments Section in Incognito/Private Mode

Using the same browser for YouTube comments will make the loading process a lot more seamless. However, you should use the incognito/private mode if you are attempting to load YouTube comments. It is important to rectify any possible issues that might occur as a result of third-party extensions, special browser settings, or a potentially problematic cached page.

By switching to the anonymous mode, you are simply turning off all the extensions, plugins, history and cached data, as well as any specific browser settings that you have previously set, which will be returned to their default settings.

Here’s how to access incognito on a web browser:

  1. On your browser, click on the menu button.
  2. In the list, you should be able to see an option for a “New incognito window,” click that.
  3. Now you can open the YouTube website and view the comments for the video you were trying to view in a new window.

In that case, you will not have access to your YouTube account information, but if you wish you can use the details you have for your account in order to see if that loads YouTube comments and lets you view the section.

Assuming you have already tried this method and it worked for you, we advise you to try the next one, as some extension, plugin, or setting in your browser might be interfering with the comments section and causing the issue.

Disable Ad Blocker

There is no doubt that Adblocker is one of the most popular browser extensions among those who spend a significant amount of time on the internet, whether they are surfing the internet, streaming videos, or watching videos online. Our biggest problem with advertising and popups is that we see them most often while performing these activities. If an ad is accidentally clicked on, it can lead to the installation of malware.

The use of an ad blocker can help prevent this from happening. There have been cases where ad blocker extensions and add-ons have conflicted with the web browsing experience as it has blocked important web elements, which causes the page and website to malfunction, similar to when the YouTube comments section does not load and YouTube videos fail to load.

Trying to reload the YouTube page may help to resolve this issue. Disable your adblock extension temporarily and see if the comments are visible after this.

Disable One Extension At A Time

This is the time for you to check other extensions installed on your browser in order to see if any of them may be the cause of the problem, if the method above about disabling an adblocker didn’t work. If you’d like to test whether a given YouTube comment is loading or not, then you should disable one extension at a time.

In addition, you can disable all the extensions, restart your browser, and check whether YouTube comments are loading. After that is done, you have to enable one extension at a time and see which is causing the problem and then you have to repeat the entire procedure.

Clear Cookies, Cached Data, and Browsing History of the Browser

Whenever we visit any website, it creates its own cookies, cache, and web data in order to improve the user experience. All of these details are then saved within the browser as they are actually helpful in speeding up the loading of the web page and remembering the details of our account whenever we revisit the site.

Sometimes, this data is corrupted and the browser does not update the old data with the new one, causing issues with certain elements like comments and images loading, resulting in broken pages.

Clearing your web browser’s cached data, cookies, web data, and history is the best way to fix an issue like this.

There is a similar step you can perform on Android if YouTube comments are not loading in the YouTube application, though the procedure differs slightly. See these steps here.

Although the procedure is simple and easy, remember to log out of any accounts you have already signed in from the current browser if you clear cookies.

  1. Open web browser.
  2. Go to the Settings section by clicking the menu button.
  3. Choose Privacy and security from the side menu.
  4. Click on the Clear browsing data option.
  5. If a pop-up appears, select all three options, i.e. browsing history, cookies, and other site data, and cached images and files.
  6. Now click the Clear data button.

That’s it. You can now retry accessing the comments section.


Can you please help me by letting me know which method worked for you out of the six? Comment below if you wish to share that information. Please leave a comment below if your issue has not yet been resolved and one of our team members will be able to assist you further.

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