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Extratorrent Proxy : You have come to the right place if you are looking for working Extratorrent proxy sites. Listed below are some of the best Extratorrent mirrors and proxies that you can find on the internet. Hundreds of them are available, but the fastest ones are the ones we have listed for you. Many European and Asian ISPs make accessing torrent sites very challenging these days. Web proxies are useful in situations like this. Using the extratorrent proxy links below you can unblock Extratorrent in case it is blocked in your region.

What is a Web Proxy?

In essence, proxies serve as intermediaries between clients and torrent sites. Proxy servers provide access to torrent sites in countries with fewer restrictions on torrent sites. Clients from restricted areas need to go through a proxy server in order to access torrents. This request is directed to the torrent site through the proxy server. Proxy servers receive responses from torrent sites and then redirect them back to the clients. You should bookmark this page because we keep adding new proxies every day.

The Popularity of Extratorrents

At one time, Extratorrent was the largest torrent site in the world. Torrenting was being used at the time of its founding in early 2006. Millions of visitors come to it every month from all over the globe. There was a time when it ranked second on the list of most visited torrent sites after The Pirate Bay. Although torrent sites frequently appear and disappear, Extratorrents has remained active for quite a while. There have been some torrent websites that have not shared such a fate and have disappeared over time. A 10 year anniversary was celebrated in November 2016 by the website.

Various Hollywood studios also attempted to limit access to Extratorrent, just like other torrent sites that offered pirated copyrighted material free of charge. It remained up and running for a very long time despite numerous attempts at shutting it down.

There was no explanation provided in 2017 for the site’s sudden disappearance. Many of the monthly visitors to the site were disappointed by this. Until it was shut down, extratorrent was ranked 291st in the world by Alexa Internet. As of today, proxies and mirrors are the only options available for fans looking for the original version. This brief introduction to mirrors is for those who aren’t familiar with them. A mirror site resembles the original, and looks and feels the same as the original.

Immediately after the shutdown of the original site, the first mirror site appeared online in a matter of minutes. Due to the popularity of Extratorrent, there are numerous mirror sites available online, each claiming to be the original. Unfortunately, many of them are blocked by ISPs or run slowly, especially in countries like India and Pakistan where censorship is pretty heavy. Apart from that, almost all of them are reskinned versions of other popular versions such as The Pirate Bay, KickAss Torrent, 1377x, etc.

Despite the shutdown of the original version, there remained two mirrors. and were the sites. The two mirrors generate a large chunk of traffic for the original website. Even though it has been so many years since the site was last visited, fans haven’t forgotten about it and are still looking for it in the Google search.

Why Did Extratorrents Shutdown?

When it was in operation, it was one of the most popular torrent websites. I had no problems accessing high quality torrents with it. It was due to the extra effort the Extratorrent team put forth. Each torrent was thoroughly inspected for seeding, speed and authenticity. Torrents of high quality were only indexed.

As torrent operators, we understand very well what it takes to operate them. Piracy is promoted by these sites because the materials are so easy to access. Around the world, many countries strictly enforce their laws against piracy. It is always the goal of entertainment companies, internet service providers, and governments to shut down torrent sites. Due to its popularity, torrent sites such as Extratorrents got a lot of opposition. In May of this year the authors voluntarily shut down the main site

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