Benefits of SMS Marketing in the 21st Century

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SMS marketing had shown its potential towards the end of the 20th century. The 21st century and the digital era have marked a new outlook on the term SMS Marketing. It has been kept as the hidden jewel of the advertising world till now. Presently it is a very vital and very convenient way of getting your company’s name to everyone’s attention. The number of people using mobile phones has grown year on year and it is still rising. So using SMS for marketing is the very obvious answer.

Benefits of SMS Marketing in the 21st Century

Texting is just as indispensable to marketing as social media or leaflets or booklets. The benefits of SMS marketing instantly make it a very wanted strategy for reaching out to more of its customers.

Mobile devices have become a necessary tool in the 21st century. The ingress of smartphones at the beginning of the century has changed the way a consumer interacts with a brand, and this communication can be used by SMS marketers.

With a single click, a consumer is online and can reach any information they want. To further understand the impact of cell phones and smartphones in the marketplace we can go through some statistics:

  • More than 2/3 of Americans own a smartphone or a tablet.
  • 93% of adult Americans own a cell phone.
  • 99% of teenage Americans own a phone.

After a small short survey, some of the advantages of SMS marketing are given below.

  • Reduced Communication Costs

Most communication stations have high operating costs. All communication mediums have costs attached to them, service provider costs attached, and contact center costs.

Sending SMS is cheaper than making outbound calls. Both are effective ways of reaching customers, notwithstanding, when you are looking at reducing costs, text messages will save the day. 

  • Efficient Service Delivery

Efficiency is the keyword for the survival of any business and to be efficient is what SMS marketing lets you be. We always strive to have tangible outputs from the input. We measure effectiveness in terms of time and value created within that time.

From the operators’ perspective, communicating out an SMS notification takes 3 seconds while compared to conveying the same message via a telephone call, it will take 2 minutes at least. So if we put in mathematically also an operator can reach 40 times more customers via a message in comparison to the telephonic call.

Customers also require an instant response, and what better way to present that than through the device they look at every few minutes. Agents and customers are more satisfied with this service delivery because it saves time and is effective.

  • Better Internal Communications

A call center usually employs hundreds of team members. Often planning work schedules can be challenging due to demand increases and during such a crisis, and there is always a need to quickly outsource some extra staff to make sure the service is delivered on time. With text messages, these short communications can be sent out very effectively.

Text messages also save your in-house staff time and can be used effectively to communicate among colleagues as well. It also decreases the fraction of agents involved in such an activity.

  • Better Marketing Solutions

Marketing is all about letting your target customers know of your latest products and promotions. Be it a new product or advancement the information flow needs to be right on dot for effective marketing communication. Promotions are the essence of a marketing campaign, hence it is very crucial to run one that is cost-effective.

These advantages of SMS marketing can be reaped very easily as there are a plethora of companies providing these services in a customized package. So now you just need an SMS gateway service provider to access a huge spread of your customers in minimum time.

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