7 Best Anonymous Chat Apps To Talk To Random Strangers

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Are you finding it difficult to make new friends because of a lack of confidence or because it is difficult for you to share your feelings in person? Here are the six best anonymous chat apps we reviewed, which will help you communicate with strangers who share your interests and are willing to hear you out.

A text chat or a voice message that disappears can be set up, or you can arrange a video call to connect with the other person. No matter what anonymous chat apps you choose, you will remain anonymous unless you wish to share your personal details.


Meeting new people, having a conversation anonymously about your interests, and going live allows you to be found by others all over the world is easy with MeetMe. Its purpose is to help people find and join you in conversation while promoting anonymous conversations with strangers. It doesn’t end there – those individuals can also communicate directly with you, only if you allow it.

Thousands of people actively use MeetMe every day to connect with new people, explore topics of interest, and have random conversations about anything.   Starting a live stream is really easy.

  • It’s ideal for: Meeting new people, finding people near you who have similar interests.
  • Finding friendly locals who have similar interests and connecting with them on a single platform is unique.
  • Ads: Yes, the app is ads-supported.
  • Price: Free with ads.


Would you like to live in a world where you could discover what people around you are really thinking? Welcome to Whisper, an online social network that connects millions of people. Interesting part is that the app categorizes each idea into groups, which makes it easier for people with similar interests to find and connect with each other.

In the group, once you’ve connected with someone with similar interests, Whisper allows you to initiate a chat and communicate with them in real time. In addition, if you both happen to live close to each other, you can coordinate a meetup location. It is best to stay anonymous during the chat phase in order to hide your identity.

  • What Is This Best For: Find new people who have similar thoughts like you; connect and chat with people who are nearby you.
  • Unique Features: You can easily find locals or people nearby if you are looking for someone to interact with; the ability to connect with millions is a great opportunity.
  • Ads: Yes, the app is ads supported.
  • Price: Free with ads.


Chatous is an awesome app that has been developed by Castle Global, which allows you to chat with anyone on the same platform, no matter what part of the world they may be located in. of the world they are connected to, you can have video as well as audio chat. Which plays a great role in helping you make new friends.

The easiest way to keep things simple is to create an account and add your interests. The app will then do all the work and find people who have similar interests from any country in the world and connect you with them. There is no doubt that you will find that your relationship will be meaningful and fulfilling if you use the app. Using Chatous, both of the contacts can have video chats. Furthermore, they can share photos with each other.

  • What Is This Best For: Compatible with mobile apps and desktop too; and the ability to chat with new people through text, pictures, videos, and audio messages.
  • Unique Features: Option to add and use hashtags to find people with similar interests; you can protect your identity by hiding your name and remaining anonymous; share expiring photos and videos.
  • Ads: Yes, the app is ads supported.
  • Price: Free with ads; allows in-app purchases.

As a result, you have one of the safest opportunities to find people who have the same beliefs as you, while still keeping your identity hidden and getting to know them first before sharing any information about yourself. Compared to social media, allows you to control what you share with others.

Shuffle is a feature that connects you automatically with any online contact who is already online and in the same group as you. By remaining anonymous, you can also communicate with your friends while maintaining your anonymity.

  • What Is This Best For: Chat or meet new people; receive an alert once your friends come online; connect with them.
  • Unique Features: Easily connects you to others anonymously without sharing any personal information which can be shared on other social networks such as Facebook, Liking, or Tweeting.
  • Ads: No advertisement.
  • Price: Free but offers in-app purchases.


Are you in search of new friends to make while you relax at home and not reveal your identity? You’re going to be helped by Frim.  

Whether you and the person you just met online want to meet physically for coffee and a hangout or if you would like to keep talking online about your topic of interest is up to you. There are no names or pictures to choose from, so you can simply pick whatever name and picture you want.

  • What Is This Best For: Begin chatting with new people while staying anonymous; support for badges allows you to express yourself without saying anything.
  • Unique Features: Create a group of up to twenty people or invite random people who have the same interest and chat with disappearing messages.
  • Ads: Yes, the app is ads supported.
  • Price: Free with ads and offers in-app purchases.

Wakie Voice Chat

With just a press of a button, Wakie will connect you to anyone in the world and allow you to begin a voice chat immediately. By sharing your life stories you can make new friends or discuss your interests.

The platform allows you to keep in touch with someone once you are able to connect with them and feel comfortable sharing things with them. You can post on Wakie’s feed, much like any other social network, to attract others like you.

  • What Is This Best For: Send special gifts to your online friends; join already established communities and clubs to share your thoughts and participate in discussions.
  • Unique Features: Be your true self by hiding your identity and the ability to share anything you want without the risk of being caught by someone you know in real life.
  • Ads: No advertisement.
  • Price: Free but comes with in-app purchases for added features.

Slowly – Text Messages

The perfect app for those who prefer old school things. Connecting to people throughout the world takes a few days because an instant chat requires sending a letter. Distance determines the time. My experience is that it’s more fun to connect with real people on this app than on other ones.

Here's what I have to say

Our review has over six best chat apps for staying anonymous that you can use to have open communication with anyone, anywhere, anytime. We invite you to share your favorite places, hobbies, and anything else you can think of. Tell us which Android app you use in the comments worked best for you and how many meaningful friendships were you able to make.

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